Lifestyle change – Today or Tomorrow?

Your goals are set, your basic numbers in place, and your new day has come. D-Day for the ‘New You’. The plan looks perfect, but there is this niggling feeling that you forgot something…

Lifestyle change action plan gone wrong

Your transport for work leaves in a few minutes, so the planned breakfast stays as a plan. Once you are at work, the hunger pangs set in so you settle for a coffee, and whatever is available. Meeting, upon meeting, and competing deadlines overtake the ‘call for action’ on yesterdays priorities. So… The planned ten minute break to breathe and think goes out the window. Lunch time arrives. As you are late, the food is almost finished – except for the ‘unhealthy’ option that most of your colleagues have not wanted. You eat that. The lateness make you eat in a hurry. The walk you had put in your plan can therefore not come about.

Turtle on his back

Not your day today….

Many hours later your working day is officially over, but you stay on for those last ‘essential’ e-mails. You take the last transport back, and feel overcome by tiredness, lack of energy and hopelessness. Your planned exercise session is replaced by a few glasses of liquid ‘soothing’. You day ends with a bag of crisps, and that apple you had saved – and you try to go to sleep. Your turn and turn until dawn starts to appear over the horizon… A new D-Day starts!?

But – Hey! It is not so bad after all. You managed to keep to one of your resolutions today. You had an apple! And – there is a new day coming. One when a plan can actually be something better than that thought that ended up stressing you out.

The actual setting of a goal, and even the wish to put it into action does not come by itself. Working life and priorities seem to come in the way. Is it like that for you?

“Everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, and things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they go right.” – Unknown
New Years resolution list

New years Resolution?

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