The GOODista Lifestyle

The GOODista is a cumulation of thoughts and ideas based on a lifestyle change journey – which started with a few steps which became a big leap to a new ‘me’.

The GOODista Lifestyle

The Lifestyle changes are not to diet, sign up for some fitness fad, or even to read the occasional book. It is about understanding what to eat, how to exercise, and very much all that is you – which includes sleeping, relaxing, enjoyment, finding fun again – yet coping with the time pressures and realities of ‘life’.

If you spend more time away from home – and actually have the world as your working place – as a Humanitarian, contractor, or aircrew – the importance of finding ways to have a healthier lifestyle is very much in focus for the GOODista. Access to fitness and food alternatives, what to pack, Rest & Recreation, Tool box, useful links – and generally – how to deal with the realities of field life enters into the discussion.

The GOODista lifestyle change challenge

The GOODista knock-on effect

The GOODista blog and The GOODista 

The GOODista Blog and The GOODista Site are same, same – but different.

The GOODista blog is part of the community and a space to formulate thoughts about lifestyle changes you can do. Its meant as an inspirational blogs, with links and recommendations for further understanding and reading. It’s a place to exchange ideas, communicate and get inspired from.

The GOODista is the full website  on – with the blog, and full of reviews of latest health news, tools, tips, recommendations, recipes. Its divided into three sections. Feel Good – to get understanding of what lifestyle change basics are; How to get started; and motivational action programs to get going. Be Good – to maintain your fitness levels once you get over the first hurdle; latest health /food/ fitness/mindfulness news – and the methods to gear up. Do Good – is the Field focus section for a) Humanitarians, contractors, transport providers and such that work away often in harsh climatic conditions, living in camps, and often based in remote ‘hard ship’ duty stations. b) for Aircrew and alike that spend their working lives downline, jet lagged, and living in hotels, temporary accommodation etc.  On The GOODista site you can find links to useful books, DVDs, Health foods, Fitness clothes and sports gear, and sites that have been tried, tested and reviewed. The GOODista is the whole package – blog included.

You can follow The GOODista blog only – or choose to take part of the whole lifestyle change challenge and go to The GOODista site.

Read both, read one – enjoy, get inspired, follow and comment!

Thanks for reading!

The GOODista

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Feel Good - Be Good - Do Good - Comment & Discuss :)

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