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The more that comment on posts the better this blog becomes. No individual is the same when it comes to food, fitness and stress reduction. The general hints, advise , methods and recipes provided will only be better, if more add their experiences, expertise, and individual commentary. The tool box will grow and so will the progress.


The GOODista can be hired for individual coaching sessions. Fill in the form below and together we will work out what best fits your needs. Especially if you are based in a remote location, hardship duty station or extreme stress environment can this facility be useful – we will work out what works best for you. These sessions are email interactions.

Workshop and Team building

The GOODista can be hired for workshop and team building sessions anywhere in the world. Contact her through the form below – with an indication of the groups needs. Together we will work out what best suits the specific needs of the team/group, and price will be set accordingly.


The GOODista has over 20 years experiences in Human Resources in the UN system. She can be hired for specific work within the UN or NGO. Contact her through the form below.


Through her main site you find The GOODista green sunglasses that indicate products, DVDs, books and magazines that have been very useful in lifestyle changes. If you wish to ask more about these please feel free to contact her through the form below.


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    • Hello Julia,

      Thank you so much for writing and asking. The image you liked was bought by me from, and illustrates the post about dualism. If you wish to link to my website by using the image, I would welcome it. In this case please refer to (as I have a second website on Thanks you again for doing ‘the right thing’ and asking for an OK. Good luck with the post writing and blogging, and welcome back to at anytime! Cheers, Anna

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