About The GOODista Blog

About The GOODista

Who was and is the GOODista?

I am a woman, a wellness coach, inspired by experiences in a number of countries, and convinced that everyone deserves a good, full life . I aspire to inspire through my blog and my main site. Small changes to food, fitness and mindset can start a bigger process. It did for me.

I worked for an international organisation in Human Resources, and supported staff on front line humanitarian emergencies. The will to do good for others is a noble and difficult job and can be stressful, and often being good to yourself does not enter into the equation.  Little access to healthy food, or time to think about what health is. No time for exercise, walks, or meaningful talks. Excuses are easy as the job overtakes your whole being.

The GOODista Blog is meant to inspire and make you want to start some small changes. One step that can lead to a bigger one. If you want to get take the lifestyle change challenge you can follow the GOODista on her other website, where tools, tips, methods, Do and Don’ts, recipes and reviews of the latest health and wellness news articles and products are captured.Tree growing from cracks

If you want to read, get inspired, share and participate in motivating yourself and others – you can do that here on The GOODista Blog – or choose to get the whole package on the other GOODista site.

The knock-on effect

Life Style Change

Change is possible. It starts with understanding that it may be needed. Change then asks for choices to be made. I share what worked for me and if it can for you – great! Self determination and time are the hardest parts – and it all starts with inspiration and motivation. Read this blog and start thinking. Its your life – your choice.

Friends and family ask me what on earth I did? Simple really – I decided to feel good, be good, and do good – today and everyday. Read my blog….. If I can inspire – I am happy.
Welcome to The GOODista Blog – Your inspiration to Feel Good again!

Trees in different colours symbolising change

Feel Good - Be Good - Do Good - Comment & Discuss :)

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