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Ever felt like you were ‘doing good’ by supporting others – and ‘being good’ because of it – but not ‘feeling good’ yourself?  Is it time to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good – again?

Lifestyle changes for wellness and energy

The GOODista  is the pen name behind this blog, and a website. The GOODista concept is all about lifestyle change, and the ability to make a difference for yourself, not others this time – but you. Follow The GOODista main site

Small lifestyle changes can become life altering. After many years in a full-on career job, I have become a fitness foodie, a mindful lifestyle change devotee, and an energetic lively person again. I have started a business to inspire others to find wellness again. I aspire to inspire you to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good! Happy people dancing to illustrate lifestyle change feeling

Lifestyle change sounds so radical. In reality it is about taking a decision that you are worth more. Tweaking how you eat, move, sleep, and ‘relax’. Small steps that lead to one big change. It is about setting some simple lifestyle health goals every day, and actually doing something for you – not others – just you. You decide, you choose. It’s your life after all.Good Choice for life

Lifestyle changes for everyday and work away

The GOODista Blog, and The GOODista website, are intended as lifestyle change inspiration for everyday.  Wellness is the goal. To get there you need to get – or maintain – a level of fitness through food, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and stress reduction.

If you are based in a remote location working as a humanitarian, contractor, UN / NGO employee, transport provider or if you spend time away downline – you may want to read here or head over to The GOODista website.

Elephant under a tree on the savannah

Lifestyle changes for wellness and energy – inspiration for everyday and work away. That is what The GOODista is about. Lifestyle changes you can do – not diets or fads – but real tweaks to food, exercise, mindset, stress level and time. Excuses, time pressures, competing deadlines and conflicting situations provide challenges that can be beaten.  A decision to take a first step, the setting of lifestyle health goals , and the realisation that this is an investment for life.

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Welcome to get inspired, enjoy doing some changes at your own pace – get energised and start a path towards wellness. This is your decision, your choice. It’s your life after all!

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Feel Good - Be Good - Do Good - Comment & Discuss :)

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